Why Classical Music?

First of all, and most important, because there is much about Classical music which is to be enjoyed. The skill of the composers and performers who, with little or no special effects or digital wizardry deliver performances of outstanding quality.

Secondly because it shows up another facet of the human condition. It takes a feeling, say sadness, and expresses it in a way which word and visual performance cannot do. Not to down play these efforts, just different.

Thirdly, because working in business, be it in bricks and mortar or in the digital world, is, when all is said and done, about people. Without humans we have no economy. Without humans, nothing of our built environment exists.

This is just another way to understand the human condition and while there may be no immediate pay off, like pure research, it takes time for ideas to develop.

So without ado, the first offering is from  Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Barber of Seveille) composed by Gioacchino Rossini, Librettist  Cesare Sterbini . If Hollywood got hold of it today, it would be a Rom-Com, but in fact it is the one where Figaro’s here, Figaro’s there and Figaro’s helping Count Almaviva to abduct Rosina from her nasty old guardian Doctor Bartolo, (Dennis Forman)

The first video is Isabel Leonard (Rosina) performing Una voce poco fa (I’m Sweet and gentle). The second video is Largo al factotum, Figaro’s job description (Figaro here, Figaro there) sung by Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Isabel Leonard


Dmitri Hvorostovsky

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