Statement of Intent

This blog is about process. The process of taking your business ideas and turning them into functioning and profitable digital concerns.

Its motivation springs from the belief that a successful digital business can only be based on making objective decisions which answer the question: “what is best for my business?”

Inability to objectively evaluate the merits of competing digital products and/or service providers is the single biggest stumbling block to running a successful digital business (for both large and small businesses).

The difficulty businesses face is that to achieve their goal they need access to specialised knowledge and expertise, which in most cases they themselves do not possess and most have had little or no exposure to these services. The exposure they have had is typically derived from the mass media.

The content of the blog will offer a resource of actionable ideas and strategies for business to assist them in making objective decisions on what is the right course of action for their digital business.

While I have an outline of how the blog will evolve, I state upfront that much of it is experimental – a case of suck it and see. My aim is that over time this will become a hub for the discussion and dissemination of actionable ideas and strategies for the conduct of digital commerce.

I will be presenting much of my material in the form of a diary of the trials and tribulations on establishing a self publishing business.

However, there also will be articles which range wide and far over the human condition. Philosophy, art, politics, science, literature and music will all be covered at some stage. These subjects will appear because they are interesting and often provide new insights in solving problems – the well spring of innovation.

I am but one person. The quality and relevance of the site can only be enhanced through your participation.