Digital Marketing Strategy – Introduction

This is the first in a series of articles setting out a possible solution which will allow small businesses to take control of the development, implementation and ongoing management of their digital marketing presence.

Digital Marketing Strategy – More Art than Science

The first step is to take ownership of your digital marketing strategy. Providers of digital marketing services are there to do your bidding. It is not your role to support their business model.

You start by thinking for yourself. You need to develop thought processes which enable you to

  • Select and maintain focus on your business outcomes
  • Develop an understanding of the boundaries between your responsibilities and those of your service providers
  • Develop an understanding of how the relationship between you and your service provider is to be managed
  • And a willingness to work consistently at those tasks which only you can do and to monitor those tasks which you outsource

At first it will seem strange and perhaps daunting, however over time “predictable” and “repeatable” processes will emerge which integrate easily and seamlessly into your daily business activities.

Key Digital Marketing Skill

Your key skill is critical thinking or

  • An ability to evaluate the merits of competing technical options within the framework of your desired business outcomes

which lead to an outcome of objective decision making based on:

  • Consistent logic
  • Actionable plans
  • And measurable outcomes

Unless you are so inclined or have the skills, it is not your role to involve yourself with the technical aspects of building your digital presence. That is what you pay service providers to do.

Your role is to tell them what you want, evaluate their response, select the provider who you think will deliver the best solution, oversee the implementation and then monitor and manage your presence once you go live.

Next Article

In my next article I will look at explaining how the searchable web ecosystem works.

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